Order method

1. Inform product details

Customer informs details of products to be produced for issuing a quotation (shape, how many colors for screen printing, how many designs, product quantity, color quantity, logo position, scheduling the date a product is required).

Sample: 32oz double layer glass with straw, 5,000 pieces, 2 colors, 1 color -1 location silk screen, product is scheduled to be used on 16/12/2022.

3. Pay a deposit

When the customer summarizes the product design. A 40% deposit must be paid before producing product samples.

2. Summarize the design a customer requires

The customer summarizes explicit design and demands to the Sales department.
2.1 purchase order or document with signature confirming the order at the end of the quotation.
2.2 submit a logo file for placing an artwork (AI file/PDF file).

*ทางบริษัทมีบริการออกแบบ art ฟรี (แก้ไขได้ไม่เกิน 2 ครั้ง)

4. Confirm the artwork

The customer inspects and confirms the artwork for making product samples before the product is produced in large quantities (Duration of making samples is 7 days).

Remark: in case the customer confirms the design as per the artwork, any correction cannot be made to the logo. If any correction is required, additional expense shall be charged.

5. Check the sample / notify for the actual production

Customer can check product samples, designs and logo colors as required for confirmation and notify for the actual production (production length is 30-45 days.)

6. Bill the customer for the outstanding payment

Bill the customer for the 60% outstanding payment according to the days specified on the invoice date.

7. Deliver the product to the customer

Prepare product delivery to the customer.
6.1 Ask for name and contact number of a product recipient.
6.2 Ask for a map showing where the product is delivered to.