(Do it right away) just staying in the same place, you will become obsolete at work. Business persons should not stay in place for today but they need to adapt themselves to keep pace with changing environment and changing world and get ready to step into tomorrow as always.

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Executive biography

Name:    Miss Nutthaphatr Hamwutsuphagij
Position: Chairman
Date of Birth: June 5, 1975
Education Background
   – Elementary Level, Nathonwittayanukul School
   – Secondary level, Nathonpattana School
   – Bachelor’s degree, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Faculty of Science Program in Health Science
   My favorite activity in my life is selling, since early childhood until I finished a bachelor’s degree program. At that time, I often sold snacks, clothes to my friends for earning special income and having some savings for myself.
   During I studied a bachelor’s degree program, a regular curriculum, I did a part-time job and during a semester break, I applied for a part-time job in factories. It was such a good time for me to accumulate knowledge and working experience including patience and keenness.
   After I graduated with a bachelor’s degree, I worked in a kitchen utensil sales department for 2 years. After I resigned, I started my own business. It was a small business starting from selling sun dried deep fried fish for 1 year at Pairoj Village. While I sold the deep-fried fish, the owner of a company producing premium products asked me to join his company. I decided to go back to work at the company. By the time I worked, I collected knowledge, had to learn by trial and error to seek the causes of problems because this was the best place to give me selling experience. I enjoyed working in sales until I was awarded top sales person for many consecutive years. I worked there for 12 years. When the business owner passed away, later, I decided to resign from the company. At that time customers to whom I sold products made contact and kept calling me and told me that they would like to do a business with me. As a consequence, I established OMM Premium Co., Ltd. The company was registered on 16 June 2009. OMM Premium Co., Ltd. majorly adheres to integrity, fairness, quality, price, and services, making the company ranked one of the TOP TEN premium companies continuously. 

History of OMM Company

OMM Premium Co., Ltd. started its business in 2009 and played an important role in setting the fundamental of promotional products more than 25 years including being a pioneer of creating new products so as to achieve the set goals and to be in harmony with the needs of customers in the country, as a top leading company in Thailand. A wide variety of products are available, such as water flask, water canteen, bucket, basin including garment products like go green cloth bag, hat, clothes, different kinds of bag, etc. Besides, there are products imported from foreign countries available. OMM Premium Co.,Ltd. offers different types of products to serve customers. Emphasis is placed on customer care, customer services, honesty, and customer support in every situation. The company develops products and work teams in every part to keep pace with current situation and sets the foundation to facilitate the future as well.